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Complex Clinical Wound Range Brochure

MDT Global Solutions are proud to offer the new Simology™ range of  premium quality flat mould wounds designed to enhance medical simulation  training. Our pre-made wounds take minutes to apply and create hyper realistic simulation. They are designed for single application but can remain  on the manikin for several training sessions.  

Wounds are soft and lifelike made of encapsulated silicone, which has been  softened with deadener to produce a lifelike skin feeling. 

Wounds are available in one of four skin tones.

In addition to the skin tone, all wounds contain flocking to enhance a lifelike  skin appearance. 

All wounds are supplied with the wound interiors pre-painted.

Simology Wounds

Wound Application Kit – Part No. SW-AK1

All the items that you need to apply around 50 wound pieces that are ordered  with correct skin tone for use. Note- will require local purchase of acetone in  addition to the kit contents.

Bruising Application Kit – Part No. SW-BK1

All the items that you need to apply multiple bruises and traumatic skin tone  effects. Local purchased IPA Alcohol will need to be added to the activator spray.  

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Skin Tone Blending Application Kit – Part No. SW-STK1

All the items that you need to perfectly match the skin tone of the wound to the  manikin for TV / Film level effects. Local purchased IPA Alcohol will need to be  added to the activator spray.

Blood lines – Part No. SW-BL1

Soft, flexible quality silicone pipe that can be used under certain flat moulds to  produce actively bleeding wounds.  

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