Real time fetal heart rate simulator

What is CTGi?

CTGi is an economical, highly advanced and realistic fetal heart rate monitor simulation package. Using just two iPads, the lightness and simplicity of CTGi makes it ideal for in-situ training.

Create hours of traces
with ease with an intuitive interface

WiFi Direct
Reliable connectivity

Bespoke lightweight hard case -
designed and created by iSimulate

Fetal hear rate trace and sounds.
Maternal tocograph and vital signs

Customise display with different graph papers

Want to know more about CTGi?

Realistic Function and Detail
CTGi allows you to create realistic traces with exceptional detail.

Add decelerations, accelerations and contractions with ease.

Manage maternal vitals

Pause, rewind and fast forward with a swipe


From table top to immersive simulations, CTGi can be used in many different teaching modalities.