About the company

Early in 1992, professors J.Hurley Myers, PhD and J. Kevin Dorsey, MD, PhD, collaborated with software engineer Eldon Benz to co-found DxR Development Group, Inc. DxR is Diagnostic Reasoning. The technology of computer-based medical simulation software was first introduced and developed by DxR Development Group, Inc. It allowed healthcare professional students to conduct a clinical investigation using a virtual patient. This commitment resulted in the online, interactive software program known today as DxR Clinician.

DxR Clinician is now used widely in over 300 health care professional schools throughout the world, including those in United States, Canada, Mexico, Saudi Araba, Chile, Brazil, Spain, Switzerland, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand and regions of Southeast Asia. DxR Clinician software has also been translated into Spanish, and more recently into Japanese and Chinese. During the over 20 years of developing high quality, performance-based software for medicine, DxR Development Group also created virtual patient software for nursing and physical therapy education.

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