e Sono Ultrasound Simulator

A breakthrough in ultrasound simulation

e Sono is an innovative cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) ultrasound simulator. It is designed to empower medical and sonography students, as well as clinicians of all experience levels, to enhance their ultrasound skills. With e Sono, you can learn and practice from any device with an internet connection, without the need for additional hardware.


e Sono features a comprehensive library of real ultrasound scans, both pathology and non-pathology, sourced from actual patients. The platform provides seamless access for both educators and learners. Simply log in to get started.

Explore over 300 ultrasound scans covering various anatomical areas such as the abdomen, pelvis, cardiology, and vascular systems. These scans offer a realistic training environment. Additionally, the platform offers an extensive collection of clinical cases and pathologies, enriching diagnostic capabilities.

Main Features

Get the most of your training with real ultrasound scans and visualization tools

Explore the world of clinical ultrasound training with e Sono! Using your own cellphone as a virtual probe, with no additional software necessary, to navigate through the ultrasound volumes.

Create content from an extensive library and easily share it with learners

e Sono comes with a large library of ultrasound skill exercises and courses using 2D, 3D and 4D scan volumes. Instructors can modify or create their own courses based on specific learning outcomes, and easily scale it from 10 to 10000’s users with no special location or equipment needed.

Upload additional content to enrich learners experience

Clinicians can also upload their own proprietary scan data from any ultrasound device to create unique and customized teaching content in minutes. Define exercise parameters and e Sono will give you an objective assessment of the student’s skills, saving you hours of time as an examiner.


Benefits for Educators:

  • Work with a growing library of 300 hundred exercises
  • Includes pathology ultrasound scans
  • Give the students flexibility of when and how to learn
  • Offer engaging digital training to complement lab time
  • Save evaluation time with automated objective assesment
  • Accommodate learners of different levels in one single solution
  • Ability to create your own content

Benefits for Learners:

  • Navigate through real ultrasound colums as if you were with the patient
  • Prep yourself on specific content before class
  • Receive immediate feedback on each exercise
  • Practice probe positioning and learn hand-eye coordination
  • Learn anywhere, anytime and improve your skills