Revolutionizing the future of acupuncture training


Leveraging proprietary BodyMap technology, AcuMap allows users to overlay meridian pathways and acupoints against human anatomical systems of the body, and also simulate acupuncture techniques on various acupoints with instant haptic feedback and interactive visualization tools including depth information and angle insertion readings.

An educator of acupuncture

Overcome limitations of teaching with traditional acupuncture manikins, conduct more effective dry needling training.

A practitioner of acupuncture

Refine specific needling procedures prior to initiating treatment on actual patients.

An institution

Attract students looking for technology-based learning solutions to enhance traditional teaching methods. Reach more students remotely so that those not in physical attendance may still participate in learning.

Multi Users​

Instructor can host an online session for multiple users. As in the virtual space, all participants can always see the real-time instruction from their best angle of view.

AcuMap Demo

Visualize meridian pathways and acupoints which are otherwise invisible to the naked eye

Unique Features of AcuMap

14 Meridians and More

Visualize the flows of 14 meridians and their additional branches to facilitate clinical decision and better outcome.

Comprehensive Cross-Reference

Bring the very best of human anatomy to complement acupuncture education and training.

Origin and Path Tracing

Discover relationships among acupoints, meridians and other anatomy systems.

Immersive Simulation

Simulate various needling techniques in a virtual world to replicate various treatment methods.

Haptic Feedback

During acupuncture needling simulations, users receive light haptic feedback when piercing through the skin and strong haptic feedback when hitting bone.

Virtual Exam

Evaluate and improve the quality of acupuncture learning through the automatic process.


Handpick any anatomy structure to learn every aspect of it just like the dissection class in real world.


Photograph and export any scene in the virtual world to your computer for future reference and study.

The founding of Augmented Intelligence, Inc. is inspired by the ideas of American computer engineer and inventor Douglas Carl Engelbart. In his study: Augmenting Human Intellect he believed that – by increasing man’s capacity and capability to approach and understand complex situations and problems – solutions can be found.

With rapid advancements in the technology of visualization, we can now create the capacity and capability of medical professionals to understand and solve complex medical problems. Our solution can rapidly facilitate their understanding and comprehension of the human body so the appropriate treatments that can be used to keep optimal health.

Think about the Hubble telescope or the electron microscope. These devices helped scientists to see better and clearer, so they were able to explore and discover solutions that were previously unsolvable. We believe Augmented Intelligence can advance medical intelligence through simulated visualization.