The Most Advanced Learning Platform in the world

Area9’s Rhapsode LEARNER™ is the personalized experience for employee, student or trainee. It applies science and technology to improve how and what is learned.

  • Guaranteed to get you to knowledge proficiency faster
  • The Rhapsode LEARNER™ is designed with integrated tools for a meaningful experience
  • Accessible through mobile apps or internet browser

The Rhapsode LEARNER™ platform will guide you step-by-step to the path of proficiency.

“Area9 has been a pioneer with education technologies that address how differently people learn. Our research supports the idea that addressing these differences may very well be one of the most important breakthroughs in learning technology – if not the most important.


Researcher at Harvard University and writer of the bestseller, "The End of Average"

The Rhapsode Learner™
Personalized Learning Interface

Area9’s Rhapsode EDUCATOR™ tool is the ideal way for managers and teachers to ensure employees, students or trainees become 21st Century Learners

This back-end software includes:

  • A way to manage all assignments
  • Learning paths for each student
  • Advanced analytics
  • Early warning technology to highlight at-risk students

Learn how your educational content can be easily integrated into our Adaptive Learning platform with Rhapsode CURATOR™

Medical students studying at table, closeup view

Greater efficiency and effectiveness are more critical now than ever to meet the demands of today’s rapidly changing world.

It is important to prepare students with knowledge and skills, as well as greater adaptability so they can be prepared for their future and the 4th Industrial Revolution.


See how your students will grow with Personalized Adaptive Learning on their user interface.

Area9’s Rhapsode CURATOR™ is the world’s most advanced content curation platform.

  • A streamlined work-flow with intuitive authoring tools and templates.
  • A guaranteed fast, effective, and affordable content production process with high-quality results.

Content Services


Together we create high value content. From idea, to creation, to roll-out, our dedicated learning engineers are with you every step of the journey.


Get the full benefits of your digital content with Area9’s full service content specialists.


We can seamlessly integrate your learning objectives across all platforms, or opt for Area9U certification to gain the skills you need to create the best adaptive experiences for your learners.


Build intelligent content fast.

The Benefits of a Modular Architecture

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Easy integration with existing systems

Advanced image and video handling

Real-time preview

Innovation Without
The Disruption

  • Curates content made outside and inside the tool, within organization and on the web
  • Integrates openly with third party systems using industry standards
  • Thinks global from the start, including Chinese and Arabic support