Facial laceration suturing task trainer

Made out of prosthetic grade silicone and 3D printed parts with two layers of strengthening mesh. Has three tissue layers (dermis, subcutaneous, muscle) plus bone underneath.

Use It to Teach:

  • instrument handling
  • different suturing techniques – interrupted, continuous, subcuticular, vertical, horizontal, mattress
  • skin flap surgery

Main Features


Three tissue layers:

  • dermis
  • subcutaneous
  • muscle

(plus skull fragments)


two layers of power mesh to make the tissue as strong as possible. 

made using real data

We created facial suturing task trainer with the use of MRI and photogrammetry data.

What You Get with the Task Trainer:

Complete Kit includes:

  • Multi-Layer Facial Suturing Mask x 1
  • Single Layer Facial Suturing Mask x 2
  • Facial Suturing Trainer Adjustable Stand
  • Carry Case

Essential Kit includes:

  • Multi-Layer Facial Suturing Mask x 1
  • Carry Case