Clinical Reasoning

DxR is providing web-based software with patient simulation tools for clinicians, nurses and physio therapists. Training medical practitioner with problem-based learning experiences in clinical reasoning and critical thinking.

Disaster Training

XVR provides an integrated simulation platform to train and exercise emergency response professionals. XVR can be used for anything from individual exercises to large scale multi-agency exercises involving operational, tactical and strategic decision makers. 

Recording and Debriefing

KbPort ETC Fusion HD™ is a web-based recorder with high-definition live video streaming and supports instantaneous debriefing from anywhere. ​

Ultrasound Simulator

The Ultrasound Simulator Package introduces real time virtual TEE probe simulated ultrasound image from the 3D virtual heart. 

VR Anatomy

With BodyMap™ Pro, you can easily observe and understand all the anatomical systems and how they interact with one another. By using the Vive controller, users can understand the human body through interactive aspects. 

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