High-reliability, high-performance
Remote Learning

Area9 Lyceum

Adaptative E-Learning Platform

  • 20 years of research in learning, neuro & computer science
  • 20 million learners and thousands of products
  • 20 billion data points processed


Area9 Rhapsode™ is the most dependable platform for efficient, precise and high-impact learning. We enable the entire process from ideation to delivery and analytics. This is personalized and adaptive learning at unprecedented affordability for both content development and learner impact.

From flash to responsive

As Adobe ends support for its Flash software platform by the end of 2020, Area9 Lyceum has a new, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics enabled solution, Rhapsode BRIDGE™, available for education companies and corporate learning and development departments.

Corporate learning

The platform adapts content and training to match the needs and skill level of each learner—cutting training time in half, boosting knowledge and skill acquisition, and building self-awareness. The result is improved productivity and engagement, and fewer errors.

Deep Partnerships

Classroom > Digital > Hybrid


Reduced a 2-day face to face course to 3-5 hours using digital learning and simulation. Millions of health providers have to date used these products to get there ACLS and PALS mandatory certifications in the US (ACLS = Advanced Cardiac Life Support, PALS = Pediatric Advanced Life Support).


Reduced a 3 days classroom training to 16 modules of Adaptive courses. The average time to proficiency for the Supervisor Safety Development program is 10 hours but the best students managed to get through in only 4 hours.


NEJM Group and Area9 partnered in February 2013 to create the first-of-its-kind platform with smart technology that adapts to clinicians’ learning goals, pace and knowledge gaps to deliver the information they need to know.

Key Benefits

  • 1 to 1 e-Learning
  • 98% better compared to traditional class teaching
  • reduces the time spent on learning by 50%
  • Confidence Self-Assessment – Unconscious Incompetence
  • Consider what student already knows, only show content when needed
  • Refresh
  • Detailed Analytics