A virtual reality human anatomy learning tool designed for medical students and professionals

With BodyMap™ Pro, you can easily observe and understand all the anatomical systems and how they interact with one another. By using the Vive controller, users can understand the human body through interactive aspects. Unlike traditional textbooks, BodyMap™ aims at providing a realistic and interactive experience to learn the human anatomy. This learning tool creates the most medically accurate human models constructed from actual MRI and CT scans.

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Including modules:

Human Body Functions

  • Cardiovascular systems
  • Digestive systems
  • Endocrine systems
  • Integumentary systems
  • Musculoskeletal systems
  • Nervous systems
  • Respiratory systems
  • Urinary systems
  • Reproductive systems

Advanced contents

  • Brain Cross Section
  • Heart Cross Section
  • Skin Cross Section
  • Tooth Cross Section
  • Kidney Corss Section
  • Reproduction Cross Section (Male, Female)

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